Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You know you're cheap when you say,

"Yeah, I want that Hemnes chest of drawers, but I don't want to pay the full Ikea price." 

    or, even worse, 

"This Goodwill is expensive!" and "There was this adorable onesie, but it was $2.00 and I was like, No way!" 

    or, perhaps even worse, 

"That Salvation Army is ridiculous. It's too expensive - I'm not going back there again." 

I think we can officially say I've taken design-on-a-dime to a new (absurd?) level. 


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now. I have a friend who shops at thrift stores all the time. Sometimes we go together and she complains that my Salvation Army is too expensive :)