Sunday, January 15, 2012


For most efforts - from cooking to organizing to remodeling - there's a proper, reasonable order in which to tackle the steps. Like, when baking a cake, you mix the ingredients and put the pan in the oven before icing. Or when getting dressed, it's socks first, shoes second. 

When the project is pretty much a total room overhaul, as with our nursery, it's wise to have a plan in place so that you can go from step one to step two to step three in a logical order. For the most part, we had a general sense of how things would go: 

1.  refinish the floor 
2.  paint the walls, closet doors, and the back of the bedroom door 
3.  paint the pieces of furniture we plan on painting. 

And as we go we've been dealing with details like wall hangings and lamp possibilities, and as we found furniture we liked, we picked it up/ordered it. So great. Sounds like a plan. But then I saw a few pictures online that I simply fell in love with (more on that later!) and Brad loves them, too. Suffice it to say, the plan has necessarily changed. 

Basically, the crappy little baseboards had to go. 

Don't mind that crack 
Which sounds all fine and good until you consider that this baseboard removal involves a utility knife, putty knife (I broke down and bought a cheap one at Home Depot the other day, raising our household total to 5), screwdriver, and pry bar - not the friendliest tools for your newly refinished hardwood floor, if you know what I mean.

A girl's best friend? 
(Although, I have to say I loved that pry bar - it was like the best thing ever. If I can concoct other ways to get my hands on that thing, trust me, I'll be pry barring all over my house.) 

As we literally pried the baseboards off the walls last night, Brad must've said 3 times, "We should've done this before we did the floors." Well, yes, dear, yes, we should have indeed. But, it would've been hard to remove the baseboards before we'd even considered removing them. 

At any rate, those suckers are off. And while I didn't look too closely for fear of what I might see, the floors seem to still be scratch-free. Now onto the next step in the newly designed plan . . . . 

All ready for something new! 

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