Thursday, January 5, 2012

$480 of warmth and joy

Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness never came home (after 9 days!) to a house without hot water at the outset of January in Pittsburgh, nor did he (yes, I assume it was a he) go 3 additional days without said hot water. I am also guessing he never heated water on the stove to wash his hair over the kitchen sink as Brad did on Monday or in the microwave as I did every time I needed to wash my face. 

Yes, the money-can't-buy-happiness statement is folly: last night, $480 dollars bought me the most lovely shower of recent memory. 

Oh, and a new gas hot water heater and installation of that water heater by Amanda's brother (who's a plumber). 

Can I think of other, happier ways to spend $500? (That is purely a rhetorical question.) But, alas, if you must have it, you must have it, and if you must pay for it, you must pay for it - might as well get the joy out of it as well.

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