Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4, 3, 2, 1, none

4 is the number of putty knives/painter's 5-in-1 tools we've purchased since the beginning of summer 2010. 

3 is the number we were able to locate at the start of the kitchen wallpaper removal project in summer 2011. 

2 is how many I saw during the rest of the summer as we engaged in various house efforts. 

1 is the number I had to pick from when initiating the hall wallpaper removal debacle in December. 

And . . . none - the exact number I found this afternoon while searching my dining room craft zone, the huge tool space in the garage, and the various places we keep tools in the kitchen. And so I was reduced to trying to remove baseboard molding with a butter knife. You can guess how swimmingly that went.


  1. May I suggest buying a toolbox? But let Brad pick it out, okay. Trust me on this, eh.

  2. We have not one, but three of them. And an entire shelving system devoted to tools, supplies, and hardware. We've got A LOT of tools, etc.