Monday, January 16, 2012

Nursery Woodwork Plans and Inspiration

So, as I mentioned yesterday, our nursery decorating plans have been tweaked (okay, so more than tweaked; how about slightly turned on their head). I'm so excited: we're going to install board and batten! 

Originally we planned on putting chair rail about 3 feet up the wall and painting the bottom half white and the top part a color. But then last week I saw a lovely nursery from Cottage Modern featured on House of Turquoise, and . . . the wheels started turning. Kristen from Cottage Modern and her husband did this board and batten themselves over the course of a few weekends. 

From Cottage Modern 
Some Googling of "DIY board and batten" revealed to me that Brad and I were definitely up for the task, and, happily, that's it's very much within our budget (as much as anything else is, haha :)). 

(Side note: weeks before even seeing this pic - and the map-covered letters of Kristen's little boy's name - I bought cardboard letters for our little guy's name at JoAnn's with the plan of covering each with a different color/print of scrapbook paper - I bought the paper this weekend and started with the first letter Saturday night!)

Here another lovely inspiration photo, this one from Beneath My Heart. I love this one b/c it features dark brown on top, which is what we're planning to use as well: 

Mudroom from Beneath My Heart 
Brad and I did some pricing of 1x4s and 1x2s at Lowe's yesterday (very reasonable prices, btw), though we've got to determine our exact needs before we buy. Although we haven't purchased it yet, we've settled on a shade of white for the board and batten second of the wall; it's a Behr color called (if I remember correctly) "Snowy Pines," a very close but softer white than the really-really-true white of the crib. And we're still in the process of picking out the brown for the upper part of the wall - we've got 4 maybes up there right now. 
At any rate, we're going to start the painting and b'n'b-ing project this weekend with the help of my very helpful mother, so stay tuned for progress pics!


  1. Okay, enquiring minds wanna know the first letter of your child's name....pretty please with sugar on top.

  2. It is going to be an amazing nursery for your little guy. Love your ideas for the space and can't wait to watch it come together.

  3. Thanks, Carrie! And Diplo, you be good - I'm not telling even for sugar on top!

  4. Fine....I'll just have to ask Brad.