Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lamp Fetish

It's true: I've got an undeniable thing for lamps. Big lamps, small lamps, lamps with shades, lamps without shades, metal lamps, glass lamps, ceramic lamps. You name it, I either have it or want to have it - and am secretly plotting to get it next time I step foot in a Target or Goodwill. 

This past weekend at a local thrift shop, I indulged my lamp obsession with this little guy who came to $3.59 after a 50% discount on pink tags: 

The shade was horrid, which is mostly to be expected from a secondhand lamp, so I ripped off the fabric and now it's just this little cheap-o plastic dingy thing that I may nor may not be able to do something with. But I figured the shade was a throw-away when I put the lamp in my cart, so it's no biggie if I can't make it work. 

I'll give him a coat of spray paint (since I don't need a black lamp anywhere) and he'll be good as new. I'm thinking something bright or bold and definitely glossy. This little luminary might end up in the nursery, though I've got other nursery lamp ideas bouncing around in my brain, so we'll see. 

Hopefully he doesn't become yet another one of my I-don't-need-one-more-and-have-nowhere-to-put-it-but-I-just-can't-pass-this-up lamps that I've brought home over the past year or so. I've got like 5 or 6 of those floating around this house - well, they're mostly on the table in the upstairs hall, taunting me as they collect dust in their disuse.


  1. Well done, my friend! The lamp base is a great shape and will look fantastic painted up all bold and glossy. I hope we get to see the "after".

  2. Thanks! Oh yes, I'll definitely post an after - just as soon as that weather warms enough to bust out my spray paint!

  3. Lamps? No stamp or coin collection? They’re worth so much more. I collect coins and paper money. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pass this down to Christopher when he’s old enough.