Monday, January 9, 2012

22 weeks and a definite belly (!)

So, I know I assured Diplo that there would be no posting of belly pics, but I can't resist b/c I'm finally showing! Like, real, true-blue looking pregnant without the help of a stomach full of food. Last week you could tell on some days but not on other days. But now it's fo' sho'. And since it's been a solid 8 or 9 weeks sans pictures, I think I'm entitled to at least one post! 

As a reference for how much this little guy's grown over the past two weeks - yes, we're going to say that its his growth, not mine :) - here was the itty bitty bump on Christmas morning: 

19 weeks 6 days 
This was 3 days after the ultrasound where we found out he was a boy, and he weighed in then at 10 ounces. 

And here's the definitely bigger bump yesterday morning: 

21 weeks 6 days 
He's probably almost a pound here, which is a major jump! No need to comment on the jump I've experienced during this time . . . let's just say it's more than 8 ounces!

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  1. Ha! See, I knew you couldn’t resist not showing off your pregnant tummy.

    Okay, so tell me, tell us all: When is the next set of tummy pictures coming out? I mean you’re not going to stop with just these itty bitty teasers, are you?

    You’ve started now, hell, might as well go all the way.....Come on, think of all the pregnant women out there in blogger land who’ll benefit from reading/viewing your blog.

    Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky women whose navel inverts at around eight/nine months. How cool would that be?

    I saved several pictures of my wife’s tummy, but they’re a little too revealing and I can’t post them.

    Thanks for sharing!