Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas to Our House

Like the big kids that we are, Brad and I made quite a few home-related Christmas present requests. Sadly, we didn't get the paint sprayer I was hoping for (a total necessity when it comes time to redo our kitchen cabinets . . . which will happen . . . eventually), but we made out like bandits otherwise. Errr, I mean, the house made out like a bandit. 

To keep make the floor clean and spiffy, we got these puppies: 

For tasty morning wake-ups (I'm hoping to cut back on that nasty - read: pricey - Starbucks habit ever so slightly), there's the Keurig Elite Brewing System

Ain't it sophisticated?! 
To help us stave off those wintry temps while hopefully breaking the bank a little less than usual, we'll be replacing our old thermostat with this programmable guy: 

And, to aid Brad's early-morning, pre-work snow removal efforts (and all other snow-removal as well), I got him a Toro electric shovel: 

So, even though we are without hot water - oh yes, our barely-out-of-warranty water heater is leaking gas at perhaps the worst possible time (holidays, cold as heck out, start of a new semester) - our home is all set to get a-pamperin'. Now, we've just got to fork over several hundred dollars (ain't no thang, right? Bah!) to get a new water heater installed and then we can enjoy our new home goods and wash our hair/bodies/hands without freezing. 

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  1. Fun stuff! We just recently got new programable thermostats too and I love them (as much as one could love a thermostat). I don't have to remember to turn them down at night anymore, and the house is nice and warm before the alarm goes off in the morning :)