Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sweet taste of (temporary) freedom

I'm done! Both papers are off my hands! As of about 70 minutes ago, my eight days of freedom began. Sure, I've still got 16 of 17 student final papers left to grade and a whole bunch of calculating of final grades to do, but that's cake in light of the week of paper tortured I just endured. 

(And it's only eight days of freedom - as opposed to the 4 months one might expect - b/c my six-week language class begins in early May.) 

So, to commence "Funday" - the official title Brad and I have given tomorrow - a bit early, I'm sippin' on a Stewart's Orange 'n Cream, watching Hitch with my hubby, and relaxing on the couch. I can safely say I've earned this . . . 


  1. And what language might that be? A foreign language?

  2. It's German . . . lots and lots (and lots) of German.