Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Powder Room Update

Things have been quiet around here (blog and house) on the powder room front recently, mainly b/c the remaining task - actually making the sink work - sucks and takes a lot of time and effort. Time and effort Brad and I haven't been willing to devote to it. 

Somehow I got it in my head tonight that I'd just "do a little bit of it," and then we'd finish it this weekend as we have planned. Let me tell you how that went: 

First, I got all wet. 

Next, me and the floor and the wall got all wet. 

Then, Brad and the floor and the wall got all wet. 

You see where this is going. We went through about 5 dishtowels and 20 paper towels. And it's still not done. Brad did manage to fix all of the leaks (except one) with his big strong man-biceps. Now the task is figuring out how to stop that "except one" . . . .


  1. Good luck on your poweder room! I'm from Pittsburgh so you have a follower! Hope the weather is getting better, believe me I sympathize with you! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for following and for the good wishes, Chere! I tell you, it's slow-goins' in that powder room . . .