Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's like being on drugs

Actually, it's like not being on drugs - that is, withdrawl. 

Remember how I was loving the chiropractor? Now, I'm missing the chiropractor something awful. 

This week we're trying to cut back to two visits instead of the usual three. This was Dr. L's ideas, not mine. Well, my body is not taking this nonsense lying down. Headache, neckache - check, check. He said to call if I was feeling sketchy, and I know I should, but it's late in the day and I haven't gotten squat accomplished for tomorrow so I just don't have 45 minutes to devote to an appt. Looks like I'm gonna have to suffer the pain with no one but myself and a bad work ethic to blame. 

I'm not headed back till Friday, which isn't seeming like a good sign. I'll try to keep the twitching and sweating to a minimum, but if you see me in bad shape tomorrow, you know the reason. 

This isn't me. But still. 

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  1. *Immediate revision: I just called and made an appt. for 7:00 tonight. Yeah, I know, I know, that was like a 3-second mind change. Gimme a break, I'm hurting here.