Thursday, April 21, 2011

My pre-workout fuel

(I didn't eat the whole bag!) 

As Shannon would say, Don't judge me. 

The above "meal" is not only my pre-workout snack, it's also breakfast and lunch. (Hey, I spent the afternoon at Starbucks with Shannon - what do you want from me?) I mean, it's better than nothing. (?) 

On this nice, if chilly, day, Brad and I are taking the opportunity to ease back into working out with a 1/2 hour walk through the neighborhood. Don't scoff at walking - I'm a speedy little thing. I'd say "power walking," but I can't bear the dorkiness of the image that phrase conjures in my mind. 

I haven't moved my booty in months, so there's bound to be some creaking of bones and aching of muscles. Sure, I've been doing crunches and ab exercises, as well as lifting dumbbells (in fact, I did both earlier today), but I've been AWOL from cardio land. Hopefully my crispy, salty faux-potatoes will provide me with the necessary energy while the Mt. Dew keeps me awake . . . .

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  1. I can't believe you drink Mtn Dew? You look like a Coca Cola lady....