Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

Seriously. Go away. 

It was 80 degrees last Sunday and siz-unny outside. Now it's 54 and rainy. The day could not be more "blah." Well, actually, it could be 34 and rainy, so the previous statement is untrue. Anyway, I'm not asking for 80 in April. In fact, I don't want 80 in April - that's July and August weather, and two months of that is sufficient. But where is the, well, April weather? 

I request the following: 

1.  Sun. Enough to call the day something other than "gray" (or "grey" for you, Diplo). 

2.  Sun. Preferably on my backyard, which is in one of its phases of nasty-mucky-muddy-messiness, and is home to my patio, which is a nice, if rudimentary, place to lay. 

3.  Sun. To wake me up. 

No, bright, sunny, and scrumptiously warm weather doesn't help me do work - it makes me want to nap with the window open or lay on the patio with a magazine - but who said anything about warm? Besides, this gray/rain/ick crap definitely isn't helping me stay awake or feel motivated, and I'm 3.5 hours into what's looking to be a 7-hour day of paper writing and grading. Sigh. 


  1. Ha ha ha that made me laugh! FYI: I'm an American.

  2. I know - but you used the British spelling of "neighbor" in your last post, so I assume you're a traitor! Haha.