Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is why I can't have nice things

That's a Butcher line. He's said it to me on numerous occasions, usually having to do with me leaving my things somewhere and him remembering them before we walk out the door. I'm officially stealing it. 

And actually, I just think that's a catchy title (I have not yet discoursed here on my love of titles, but I will. Oh I will) - what I'm really about to say is "This is why we can't take naps." 

Although most of the time napping doesn't work for me anymore and I just lay there for 45 minutes not-sleeping, when it does work, I end up sleeping for three hours. Yep, that's right: Brad and I just pulled out one of our three-hour naps on the middle of a Saturday afternoon when I should have been doing any number of school-related things like I should be every other Saturday afternoon of the school year. I mean, people, there's True Blood to watch tonight (love you, Netflix!) and bathroom chair rail and baseboards to be painted. The work's gotta get done before that can happen, and a three-hour hiatus for shut eye isn't helping too much. 

Still, it was soooooooooo enjoyable to lay there, relaxed and comfy, on this lovely (but chilly) almost-spring day . . . Don't you just love a good nap?


  1. I remember when our three hour naps were shocking to us in their length. Now they're par for the course... and lovely.

  2. I've never been one for naps, and it's for exactly the reason you mention: I spend half an hour in bed, not even close to falling asleep, and then I get bored or guilty (usually both) and get up to do some work.

    I would much prefer to sleep until the afternoon, but (sadly) it seems like those days are coming to an end.

  3. I do love me a three-hour nap, as you know, love.

    Bourgeioseaux, re: sleeping until the afternoon: I used to LOVE that, but I can't even do it anymore. Like, I physically can't seem to get past, at the latest, 10 a.m. And I can't even remember the last time that happened. Along with the other things mentioned two Friday 4's ago, that tells me I'm gettin' old!