Monday, March 7, 2011

P.J. rocks

Imagine me whispering this post: 

Shhhh - I've got a sleeping kitty on my belly as I type this! She almost never sleeps/sits/lays on a human being. Not even on Brad, whom she stalks around the house (in a very annoying manner, if you ask me.) (Jealousy, anyone?) She prefers pillows, blankets, bookbags, magazines, and yes, even a piece of paper. 

But she jumped up and took 15 minutes (literally) getting settled in on me! And here we are. It's simply delightful. As I lay here trying to move as little as possible and make as little noise as possible with my typing, I'm thinking that resting my arm on a sweet, fat, warm kitty who's sound asleep on my belly is about the awesomest thing I could be doing at this moment. 

Look at that sleepy kitty! 

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