Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a sad day for history . . .

Today is 2055 years since Julius Caeser was murdered. The Ides of March and all that jazz. Kinda cool, huh? Not the whole stabbing part  . . . but the fact that we know the exact day that it happened more than 2 MILLENIA ago. 

A few quick thoughts on Caesar, who is without a doubt one of my favorite historic personages (I feel a Friday 4 coming on . . . ): 

1.  Whoever invented Caesar dressing deserves a medal. (The person who invented creamy Italian deserves a bigger one, though). 

2.  No matter what other people say, Julius Caesar really is one of Shakespeare's best plays. Or at least it was when I was in the 10th grade (or as Butcher the Canadian would call it, "grade 10") and had only read one other Shakespeare play (I bet you can guess which). 

3.  Jeremy Sisto, who plays Caesar in the so-bad-it-really-truly-is-delicious TNT Julius Caesar movie, is really hot. I own the DVD of this movie, in case you want to borrow it. (Brad special ordered it for my birthday a few years back b/c seeing it once - on tv, of course - just wasn't enough for me.) Also stars Christopher Walken as Cato (he's simply too much - fabulous); Chris Noth (also hot) as Pompey; and Richard Harris (poor guy died before the movie "came out") as Sulla. 

4.  Okay, okay, here's something actually about Caesar: he's responsible for leap year/day. Dude restructured the calendar, put the 365 into the 365-days-a-year, tacked another sunrise and sunset on every four years, and voila! (Some pope tinkered with the calendar about 1500 years later, but don't even get me started on popes.) 

Basically, I think Caesar's the stuff. Ain't nothin' like him if you have (as do I) a fancy for two of the most interesting areas of history out there, Roman and military. The man was a lion. He was a descendant of Aeneas, for crying out loud! That means he's got some goddess (Venus) in him . . . 

Yeah, don't try to deny it - you know he's cool.

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