Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another writing reminder to me

More happy writing news! (And no, I didn't get a story picked up by a literary journal - although that would be, like, the happy writing news of the century in my life. I don't even have any pieces out there for consideration right now. I know, I know, isn't there a book-long master's thesis full of short stories sitting on my computer? Yeah yeah, tell me something I don't already know.) 

Turns out the prof. who was supposed to teach the summer intro. to creative writing class (fiction, poetry, nonfiction) had a change of plans, and . . . the head of my dept. asked me (!) today if I want the class! I'm like, Heck yes! 

Doris Day, rockin' the chalkboard 
There's a chance the course won't run due to insufficient enrollment, which is pretty much always a possibility with summer classes. But I'm just jazzed that she asked me and that the class might happen. And of course, my c.v. could definitely use another creative writing class on it. Plus, the $2500 summer teaching pays wouldn't be too bad either, esp. since I don't get a paycheck from mid-May through mid-Sept.(yikes!). Score!

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