Friday, March 18, 2011

This is just more than I can take without sharing

Because I don't already have enough to do, Brad made me listen to this: "Friday" by Rebecca Black." Don't just listen, watch. Or, don't just watch, listen. It will make your soul cry. 

In so many ways, I CANNOT believe this video exists. Although, now Brad has made me feel bad (just a little) b/c this girl thought she was having the experience of a lifetime and now every person who sees her video is shredding it and her. 

About 60% of me believes this is fake - one article suggested it was a Lonely Island-esque endeavor. And, quite frankly, I hope so, b/c that would mean this is not someone's idea of reasonable music. 

Regardless, what makes this whole situation even more special is the cover by, as Brad terms him, "Mock Bob Dylan." 

Oh, enjoy.


  1. Um, I’m not “feeling” the music in this video. Awful sounding voice, if you ask me. I’m not too sure she’s actually singing that song, without the help of some crafty mixer in a studio. I’m a 70’s music fan so this wouldn’t interest me at all....

  2. This song is an abomination is pretty much every way I can think of: her voice, as you mention; the lyrics; the use of auto-tune to make her voice sound, somehow, even worse.

    And the video - dear goodness! I actually really dislike 70s music, and I would MUCH rather listen to that all day than this more than once.