Friday, March 4, 2011

The Friday 4: Fab Hairstyles

The subtitle I really want seemed excessive, so I'll put it here: 

Fab Hairstyles I Wish I Had the Guts/Ability to Get (but don't) 

There. Much better. And actually, coming back after having written most of this post, I think I need to add a sub-subtitle: Some Random Notes about Prom. Now, onto the haircuts: 

4.  My husband (and mother and friends and neighbors) would have a panic attack if I got this done to my hair. (And I'm pretty sure I would, too.) Is he one of those guys who likes long hair? Of course. But he also likes my hair short. Just not as much. His health is not the reason I don't go for Michelle Williams's pixie look, however; it's b/c I would look, well, stupid. I don't have the face shape for it. My mom, Brad, and I have been unable to figure out precisely what shape of face I do have, but whatever it is, it's not the one you need to pull this look off. 

3.  Yeah, this is the second time Kate Beckinsale has appeared on my blog in a month's time. What of it? I mean, she's gorgeous, has great hair, and plays a vampire in the movies. There's not a whole lot more that I ask for from celebrities. Anyway, Kate's long wavy hair doesn't look complicated or difficult. And, for her and her team of a bajillion stylists, it probably isn't. But real hair doesn't do this sort of thing. And certainly not my hair. Fullness without poofiness, soft waves that stay wavy without the hardened look of hairspray (which doesn't work in my hair anyway and which I haven't used since probably my senior prom) - this is movie/photo shoot/photoshop magic. 

2.  I simply adore this hairstyle. I don't quite know what's going on with it - like, is this the work of a blow dryer and round brush? hot rollers? a curling iron? 800 nearly undetecable layers? It's really hard to say. But this bob is just so darn cute - too cute for me, in fact. I'm just not that cute of a person. Note: I really can't stand Katie Holmes. She's done nothing of interest in the past decade (marrying Tom Cruise is NOT of interest), and I tired of Joey Porter at about the same time my hunky date to my first prom noted that he and his hunky friends adored Dawson's Creek and watched it religiously. Talk about 2 birds, 1 stone. 
1.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh, lovely. Lovely! I've been a huge fan of this hairstyle for years. The texture and thickness of my hair is not dissimilar to Reese Witherspoon's, so I could probably rock the long, straight layers pretty well. But bangs - esp. straight-across-the-forehead one - take guts. Guts I don't have. Taking the leap for my current side bangs (which now can be pulled back into a ponytail!) was like choosing a single stock in which to invest a life savings. But I did it, and then I loved them. For three seconds. And then I hated them. For three months. Finally, I learned how to fix them, and we now maintain a sometimes cordial, sometimes strained peace with one another. 

*For the sake of consistency, I guess I'll say something about my junior prom as well. Um, my hair looked awesome and my dress was fab and unlike anything anyone else wore, but my date was a dud. I only asked him (yes, I asked - so what?!?!) b/c I knew my mom was imagining scenarios where I didn't go to the prom and turned into a troll and lived forever in her house, husband-less and eating bon-bons all day. He was the younger brother of a friend, cute enough, but lacking seriously in the smarts and personality arenas.


  1. Well, I would rate those hairs: 3, 2, 1, with 4 coming in a distant last.

    1 and 2 are close but I hate those bangs (love yours!) and it's true that I do, I do prefer long hair.

  2. I have a round face, I guess and really frizzy hair. Frizzy- not to be confused with curly. So unless I style for an hour plus and pray that there isn't humidity it rarely looks amazing. As for bangs, I just got them two weeks ago. I was so excited because I thought they made me look a little punk/edgy but yeah the frizz has gotten to them to and now I have a puff on my forehead that I try to now push behind my ears. I wish I had manageable hair and the face to rock a pixie oh how life would be easier

  3. Oh yeah, and I tried to pull the Kate look which I rock.. for about 5 minutes then PUFF the frizziness attacked

  4. rocked* damn i cant typr or spell

  5. Yeah, Kate Beckinsale's hair is just not realistic for anything other than sitting completely still on your couch in your climate-controlled abode. I'm with you on the humidity - my hair is not quite poker-straight (I don't know what in the world it is b/c it's not legit wavy), and all my straightening goes to crap once the humidity sets in.