Thursday, August 18, 2011

Me + Bradley + today = 7 years!

In honor of my 7th wedding anniversary (today!), I've skipped the whole writing-a-post thing to watch Black Hawk Down (a fave.) and eat Trader Joe's French fries with my beloved Bradley - so instead I've put together a little picture time-line (or something like that) of our first decade or so together . . . 

Thankfully, I couldn't find any handy pics of us during my freshmen year, when young love caused me to gain 10 lbs. . . . so starting with sophomore year will have to do: 

Fall 2001, in our Russian ballet pose in 
the hall of my apt. (don't ask) 

Summer 2002, lookin' fancy-pants in my parents' kitchen 
before some random outing 

Fall 2003, the night Brad proposed with the most 
awesome scavenger hunt ever (!) 

Spring 2004, my college graduation 
(note: I'm wearing the same dress I wore
to my high school graduation . . . not 
too shabby, huh?) 

Summer 2004, at the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner 
after we got married on a dock behind PNC Park . . . 

Fall 2004, Niagara Falls for a slightly belated 

Christmas morning 2006, us being not-morning 
people at my parents' house 

Summer 2007, not so long after I first chopped off 
all of my hair 

Summer 2008, in France on the Mediterranean (and,
yes,  I really am wearing that visor) 

Spring 2009, hair's long again, but not for long 

Spring 2010, Brad looks like he's wearin' short 
shorts . . . (he's not) 

Summer 2010, Brad and me and a big ol' golden lion 
in our nation's capital 

Winter 2010, rare shot of me sans glasses; Brad's 
got a man-beard! 

Spring 2011, Brad givin' the 'Burgh some love 
on my b-day 

 Don't you just love all the romance?! 

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