Friday, August 19, 2011

The Friday 4: Tip-top Naps

Since I've been snoozing on the Friday 4s, a post on - what else? - snoozing seems like a good re-inauguration effort. And, since I loves me a good nap (just took #1 today) . . . . 

4. the Surrounded-by-kitties Nap 

Best enjoyed solo (except for the kitties), this nap is delightful on a comfy queen bed during the early afternoon. Stretch out across both sides of the bed in whatever odd position you fancy and be sure your furry companions have plenty of free pillows and blankets to curl up on. When you stir from slumber, flex a foot to find a warm kitty belly rising and falling beneath your toes. This is the ideal nap for the 75% sleep, that place of sweet sweet sleepiness where you have just enough consciousness to recognize that you're enjoying yourself. 

3. the Buddy Nap 

This nap can be a tricky one as you must be quite tired so that the tossings and turnings and getting-comfortable-ings of your buddy don't disturb your relaxation, but when you do settle into super calm mode, it is extremely peaceful and pleasant to have your loved one at your side. Drape an leg over his/her leg or let his/her hand rest on your stomach. Should you be roused prematurely from your rest, let the gentle breathing of your buddy lure you back to sleep. Buddy naps should extend from 1-3 hours for maximum enjoyment.

2. the Muted-TV-turned-to-bowling-golf-or-tennis Nap 

Ideal for couches or over-sized chairs, the Muted Boring Sports Nap (alias) works great on Saturdays in the late afternoon or early evening. Stretch out on the cushions in that position that you couldn't replicate if you tried and ignore that sensation telling you that you really ought to get up to do X, Y, or Z. The flickering of the television screen provides a sort of mood lighting appropriate for our 21st century world. The slightly subdued sounds of your co-habitors may from time to time pull you from your sleep, but don't worry, as such minor intrusions will allow you to linger in glorious 75% land. 

1. the Thunderstorm Nap 

The platinum of naps, the Thunderstorm Nap is the rarest creature due to its dependence on Mother Nature's mood and schedule. When the sky begins to green and the air gets eerily silent, you know the time is right for nap preparations. Make sure the windows are open and that you have a light blanket nearby because you are sure to enjoy a breeze. Don't despair if you don't fall into slumber during the (literal) calm before the storm: the repetitive sound of the rain will soothe you into sleep. When at all possible, take advantage of the weather and engage in this type of nap as you may only have several such opportunities per annum. 


  1. Know #5 is my favorite. Nothing like a good thunderstorm to put me out for hours on end.

  2. Aren't they delicious?! (Well, when they're not wreaking havoc on people lives/property.)

  3. I think college was the pinnacle of my napping prowess but I still do so love me a good nap!