Monday, August 15, 2011

Again with the birds

So, Brad calls me to the window to see a hawk that has killed something - a rabbit or a squirrel, almost definitely - in our neighbors' backyard. I track down his awful binoculars, and then we take turns (squinting, getting a headache) watching this ugly guy sort of dance on his prey as he tries to get the thing in his talons and fly off to wherever it is that hawks fly off to. 

As we continue to watch, and the bird continues to fail, Brad initiates the following conversation: 

(Imagine a high-pitched taunt.) 
Brad: "We got agriculture, mutha f*cka! We don't have to do that!" 

Pause. No reply from hawk. 

Brad: "We got Giant Eagle, mutha f*cka! I just buy bags of meat!" 

Still no reply. The hawk then proceeds to fly, sans rabbit/squirrel, to the top of our neighbors' shed, where he promptly raises his butt and goes #2. And I get to see it all through crappy binoculars (pun oh-so-very intended). 

Brad's final words on the experience? "I feel like a scientist, sitting around watching animals all day." 

And here I thought scientists were looking at petri dishes all day. 


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  2. baby dog tea cup ...she is 3 year old..anyway i took her outside yesterday morning then i was stand watch her ..she was near by fence then i look down then i saw shadow something then hawks got too fast down try get my dog then i yell loud then hawks got fly away then i running to her and she got cry and scare then i pick up hold her then i check everything then she got little bleed and not deep and it is lucky not get her hurt then and i am glad not get her ...i was so feel bad then now i have watch her everyday closer to me and i never let her outside ...i am plan buy big fence emergency safe not get my 2 dog now ...Thank God...My Name Betty from Jasper,Tx