Sunday, February 5, 2012

The S(t)uper Bowl

It's hard to root for anyone when one team is the absolutely gag-a-licious New England Patriots and the other is led by boo-hoo-I-refuse-to-play-for-the-team-that-drafted-me-b/c-they-aren't-very-good Eli Manning. 

In this instance, the only thing to do, as I see it, is root against the team that you hate the most. 

And that's easy. B/c there's no team in the National Football League that I (or Brad) hates more than the Patriots. Not the Ravens (who are like thugs, in my mind - no doubt b/c of Ray Lewis), not the Browns (who I have a hard time taking seriously), not the Bengals. The Patriots are the absolute awfulest, even if that's not a real word. 

Tom Brady makes me want to smack my head off the wall (and the question "Is he the greatest QB ever?" makes me want to do a double smack. NO, OF COURSE HE IS NOT. There. Settled). And would somebody please get Belichick a sweatshirt with FULL SLEEVES?! How difficult is it to not-cut your sleeves off?! Or to push them up when you get hot?! Oh goodness I hate them with a fury one reserves for arch enemies and the guy who takes the last bag of plain Lays off the shelf two seconds before you reach for it. 

Oh, whew. Just needed to get that out. 

Now, back to the game. Let's go, gulp, Giants. Let's go. Sigh.


  1. I have a solution to your NFL woes. Why don’t you come on over and be a Miami Dolphins fan? Heck, we have lots of room. Our cheerleaders are somkin’ hot!

  2. Dearest Diplo, don't be silly. I already have my team. They just dropped the ball (one too many times) in the play-offs.

    The Dolphins, however, have been on my sister's fave. teams since childhood (for who knows what reason), and I would place them among the teams I don't mind at all and don't root against (unless, of course, they were playing the Steelers). Which is a small list, to be sure.