Friday, February 10, 2012

The Friday 4: Traits I hope baby gets from daddy

This week: some praisin' of the hubby.

4.  His height 

Yeah, that's right, one of the four traits I picked is Brad's height, a superficial thing perhaps, but an important one nonetheless. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and tall guys, you know it's true, have it easier than short ones. 

Brad is 6' 2.5", and his dad (before he started shrinking a little with age, haha) is 6' 4". I hope the little one grows nice and tall like his papa and grandpa, but maybe not so quickly that he grows out of the clothes I buy him before he's had a chance to wear them at least a handful of times :). 

3.  His likeability 

In the 11+ years I've known him, I've only ever known of ONE person who didn't like my husband.* Seriously. People just like him a lot. And it makes sense - Brad's sincere, kind, easy to joke with, fun to be around - you know, likeable. 

*This was a former boss of his who disliked him upon learning of his existence b/c her coworker (and his co-boss) had hired Brad without her knowledge. There was a lot of politics going on at that workplace, to say the least, and this person doesn't even seem fair to count. 

2.  His family-centered-ness 

Brad puts me and "us" before everything else pretty much all of the time. I wouldn't want to be with someone who did any differently. His fiction-writing is important to him, but not nearly as important as our family; he takes his job seriously, but not nearly as seriously as he does our family; and so on and so on. 

I hope my child learns from his father that a "real" man puts his family first, looks out for those he loves, and values the people who care about him. 

1.  His generosity 

There are a lot of stingy people out there, but my husband isn't one of them. He's openly loving to me every day, which is perhaps the best form of generosity I can imagine. Beyon that, he's never stingy with money, always making sure I have something before he does. And he frequently goes out of his way to help me. If that's not worth passing on to your child, then I don't know what is. 

Though, now that I think of it, my hubby can be a little stingy with his time . . . but's that's actually something we have in common :) - and he's not stingy with it with me, so we'll give him a pass. 


  1. Now see, I hope my daughter doesn't get her daddy's height. Being 6'3.5" would just make life rough for a girl! ;)

  2. what a sweet way to talk about your little boy--and your husband. this post is so sweet! what a great introduction to your blog :) xoxo {av}

  3. I'd have to agree, Caiti - unless she wants to be a model!

    Awww, thanks, av! Now if you'd have heard me yelling at him this morning as we rushed around the house trying to get ready . . . :)

  4. Christopher is already showing signs of being tall, like his daddy. I stand just shy of 6’0. As for men having it easier with height... not always. My wife is short than me, but it wouldn’t make a difference if she were taller. But overall, I think your traits are good ones. But you never know how those genes come into play. He could very well look like Uncle Tom, and have Aunt Mary’s attitude.

    PS: Is your tummy growing? (wink wink)