Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somebody teach me!

In addition to learning how to garden, I really want to learn how to make rag rugs. And how to fold origami. And how to quilt. (And how to do the wiring for a new lighting fixture where one does not currently exist, but it seems wise to leave that up to my brother-in-law who once worked more or less as an electrician during the summers.) 

I think I could probably handle the quilting - if only I had a sewing machine (and $150 to buy said sewing machine). But the rag rugs mystify me - even after reading several different explanations/tutorials - and I have a feeling origami would do the same. Imagine the crafting I could get involved with if only I had these skills! The crafting could go on for hours! 

Oh, it's beautiful! 
I know you experts are out there . . . give me some pointers, tips, secrets, tricks of the trade please


  1. Yes, they're beautiful. My late granny had several of them. With 10.5 pound baby on the way, you won't have time to make your own, my dear. Have a look around your thrift stores. Maybe you'll find one there, who knows.

  2. Hey now! The PA at my OB is guessing 6.9 lbs, but I'll settle for 7.5 lbs . . . :)