Sunday, November 13, 2011


No, not the television show. I've actually never even seen it, though Jane Lynch is pretty awesome. I'm talking about the emotion - as in, I'm experiencing glee everytime I think about how I only have 4 more night classes ever to attend as a student

Doesn't that just sound fan-freaking-tabulous?! 

That's right, this Monday and Thursday and the Monday and Thursday after Thanksgiving and then my night-class student tenure is OFFICIALLY OVER. (You better believe I'm counting down.) Sure, I might have to teach night classes in the future, but that's different b/c, well, b/c it just is. (Haha.) 

It's truly hard for me to convey just how sick of coursework I am. I have spent 11.5 years in post secondary education at this point - all the while taking classes. ELEVEN AND A HALF YEARS! Next semester I will finish up my last 3 credits of coursework out of the classroom - doing an independent reading with my drama professor (this is studying plays, not performing them) - and I'll start writing my lists for my comprehensive exams. 

Will things get easier? Surely no. But I cannot wait to not be stuck on campus until 9 p.m. and then have to drive nearly an hour home! This is joyous! Smile with me! Glee, I tell you! Glee! 

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