Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gettin' further from the couch . . .

I've officially completed the second week of Couch-to-5k! 

I can report that it's quite exciting. Not exciting like, "Oh, this is such a fun time!" b/c I don't really think working out is ever fun (unless it's volleyball). But exciting b/c during the running portions of the workout, I'm actually running. Not just jogging, but running. 

Now, I'm not sprinting or anything like that, and it's only 90 seconds at any one time at this point, but considering that even the website says you'll be jogging - as opposed to running - I'm considering the whole fastness thing a step in the right direction. 

Week 3 is supposed to be an equal amount of walking and jogging (up till now it's been more walking), but I told Brad I would hang back with him for the first two workouts of the week - he hurt his back something awful last week and had to miss two workouts, so he's behind. (Never mind that fact that I'm always ahead of him anyway . . . [he's not interested in logical arguments.]) 

My hip has been bothering me a lot lately, but I don't think it's related. I just need to keep an eye on that and, like Brad likes to warn me, not push it by running too hard b/c that's always how I end up with a hip-related injury, whether it's in my actual hip or in my leg or back. 

Anyway, if you're looking for something to ease you back into shape and back into working out, I highly suggest you check this program out.

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