Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleaning out the garage

I can't even muster the energy for a fancy, interesting, or otherwise worthy title after spending 2.5 hours tonight dealing with this: 

Yeah, that's our garage. AKA the place where cars are supposed to go. AKA the place to store all kinds of crap of various levels of usefulness/uselessness. 

We undertook this cleaning-out-the-garage task last summer and, well, you see how that went. I think we spent about three days, got things in reasonable shape, and lost interest. What you see here is the result of a year's worth of piling things on top of one another, shoving them in corners, and otherwise dropping them where we stand. And what we've started with this time is definitely worse than what we had going on last summer.

This is looking to be about a week-long project. I sigh just contemplating the necessary amount of work. 

First, we've got to clean it out. Which means throwing away, donating, and recycling everything we can possibly get rid of. That's where we started today (but I forgot to take a pic. of our progress and it's getting dark out). 

As with my wardrobe, I am in shock at the amount of "stuff" I (we) own. Stuff I've had since high school. Stuff I forgot about. Stuff I bought two months ago and misplaced under other stuff. I mean, it's like Stuff Central down there. 

After we've cleared it out, then begins the sorting. What should stay in the garage? Come inside? Go in the sheds? (If I haven't mentioned that we own sheds, let me say now that we do - 2 of them - but they came with the house and are a whole other story.) 

Finally, there's the organizing. I get a headache just thinking about this. Tools, picture frames, cleaning supplies, paint, random household goods (humidifier, board games) - the list goes on and on. And on. Not exactly the way I want to spend my afternoons for the next 5 or 6 days, but if it doesn't get done during the summer, when's it gonna get done?

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