Monday, May 9, 2011

Der Bericht an Deutsch

That means - I think - The report on German. And if it doesn't, that's what it's supposed to mean, and you should cut me a break b/c today was only my first day (!). 

Now onto der Bericht (note: in German, you capitalize all nouns, so that's not just me being fancy-shmancy with my non-existent new language skills. Except you see that I obviously learned something . . . ): 

I loved it. 

The teacher's hilarious, wonderfully random, and really really good at conveying the material. Plus he moves at a reasonable pace - which is super impt. for someone who hasn't formally studied a language in, gulp, over a decade. 

This morning, as we walked from Starbucks to class, I said to Butcher, "This is my life," with a sigh. Getting up at 6:20 a.m., driving an hour + in rush hour traffic, starting class at 9 a.m., sitting there for three hours . . . I was not looking forward to this ordeal. 

But I enjoyed myself. A lot. I learned things. I felt smart. And it was like a throw-back to my beloved days of Latin where I thrilled at both my increasing knowledge of another language and my growing facility with English. This is all incredibly starry-eyed, I realize, but hey - I'm going with it if it's here to go with. 

Don't get me wrong - I'd rather not have 5 hours a day consumed by driving and class time when I could be whiling the day away at mi casa. (Throwing some Spanish in there - how do you like that one?) BUT since that's not an option, the current situation seems to be just about the best one a girl could find herself in. 

Some rockin' German castle 

Correction: it could be better - I could be learning German in that awesome castle above, although I guaran-darn-tee you I wouldn't eat their food.


  1. Hallo Frau versucht .... in Pittsburgh,
    Du bist also lernen, wie man Deutsch sprechen! Wie wunderbar! Vielleicht sollte ich anfangen lässt alle meine Kommentare in deutscher Sprache. Meine liebe Frau ist Deutsch. Deutsch Essen ist fantastisch. Nicht nur, dass die deutschen Burgen einige der prächtigsten Bauwerke der Welt.

  2. Alright, Diplo, I've had only two days of German, so I can only gather a few things:

    You're saying hello to me.

    The first sentence starts out "You are," and then I'm mostly lost, although you might be saying "also learning"?

    I'm guessing "How wonderful!" is next.

    Something about "the beginning" of "my (maybe learning?) in German (maybe school?)"

    "My lovely wife is German" - ?

    "German (whatever Essen is - some noun) is fanastic" - ?

    And then I'm pretty much totally lost except it seems that "Burgen" is likely a feminine noun since you've got "die" before it . . .

    (I know, I just got an F- on my blog comment translation test.)