Sunday, February 13, 2011

Second-hand shopping on Saturday = fun

Yesterday Brad and I scored some yummy goods at the flea market/antique store down the road. Nothing too big - we spent a grand total of $27 - but some fun stuff nonetheless. Since I am super thrifty, both as a function of necessity and personality, finding delicious deals is in my top 10 favorite things. Deals on clothes, deals on shoes, deals on food, and definitely deals on stuff for the house - I love them all. 

And I love working on our house. We've got a hundred imagined projects; 30 or 40 we'll get too eventually; and about 10 in the works (like the half de-wallpapered powder room. Now that's an ugly sight). Adding little things here and there, a picture, a vase, some thrift store dishes is a fun way for us to indulge on a budget and a tight schedule. 

But I would be lying if I said I didn't suffer from what Melissa over at The Inspired Room calls "magazine cover-itis" ( (Loving her blog, by the way.) Like, I swear if I start drooling over the most recent Pottery Barn bedroom/bathroom catalog one more time . . . But, I'm trying - I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy what we can do, and even more so, trying just to enjoy the fun of creating a space we love (and, finally, a space with a window in the bathroom!) 

Above:  my favorite find from yesterday, a bluey-green bowl with speckles inside ($11). We're thinking of this color for the dining room table. Like it?


  1. That's a really old bowl, from the looks of it. My late grandmother, God bless her soul, had one almost exactly like the one pictured in your blog. The color was a little different. It was blue.

  2. I'm visiting from The Inspired Room, and I love the color of your bowl. Happy thrifting!