Friday, February 4, 2011

It's like a first date! only not

That is, I'm going to visit my old high school/early college best friend this afternoon. I haven't seen her in almost five years, nor have I talked to her or texted with her or e-mailed with her or sent telepathic messages with her. In other words, no contact. Brad and I moved away for me to get my MFA in 2006, she got married and bought a house in 2007, and so on and so on - all the while incommunicado. 

Then she e-mailed me out of the blue (well, we do exchange Christmas cards, so not 100% out of the blue) a few weeks ago, and we immediately started chatting it up big time. Like almost daily. And so, here we are, two weeks later, and I'm Google-mapping her address and about to wrap the little bath toys I got for her baby (a completely adorable 9-month old boy. Whose birthday is 2 days before mine. I'm more than a little bit jealous, of course). 

Yesterday, in the absolutely-no-talking-section of the library, Butcher asked me if I was nervous. I responded with a resounding YES. It seriously feels like a first date; or like I told Brad this morning, a try-out. In other words:  like high school all over again. Will she like me?? Will I like her?? Will we laugh?? Will there be things to say?? Can we avoid awkward silences?? 

So, to prepare for this "date" (or, "audition" if you prefer) - which begins around 12 or 12:15 - I'm going to shower and fix my hair. I'm going to wear skinny jeans and a green cowl neck sweater. Yes, I've had the outfit picked out in my mind for days. Unfortunately, all the car drama (I haven't even written about getting rear-ended in my Honda last Sunday - add up the b.s.!) ate up the time I had to get a haircut this week. Which I needed anyway. But really wanted to get before seeing her. 

Is this all absurd? Maybe. But I'm excited. Wish me luck! 

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