Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm going in . . .

I'm about to tackle the powder room. While Brad prepares and cooks yummy dinner (we're actually have vegetables as part of a meal!), I'm getting out the big guns. Known as DIF wallpaper remover, a PaperTiger, and a putty knife. 

You've heard tell of this nightmare zone. The basics: yellow sink with exposed pipes; no toilet paper holder (the existing one was ridiculous and I took it off); a floor made of one of FIVE varieties of linoleum that are in this house; and a horribly crappy silver faucet paired with a bronze/copper/? mirror and towel bar (I actually like the latter two things). 

But if this little space was iffy when we moved it, its badness increased 20 fold when Brad and I started - but failed to finish - removing the wallpaper this past summer. In the midst of the project we got distracted by eleven days of hardwood floor refininishing in 80+ degrees. Afterward, just couldn't do anymore physical labor. For weeks. Then months. And now it's February. 


So, it's spring break, and even though I've got a lot lot lot of school stuff on my to-do list, I also have house stuff on my list b/c it makes me happy to work on the house. And Brad and I have big plans for this little space, including, but not necessarily limited to:  

1.  a pedestal sink (adore them) that matches the toilet (and we'll replace that, too, if we can't find a sink that matches); 

2.  a lovely faucet that matches the mirror, etc.;

3.  tile. This might not even be possible on our budget. Our house was built in 1968, before everyone got wise about asbestos; if this linoleum has asbestos in it, a professional would have to remove it. And that is just too darn pricey; 

4.  and for the love of everything lovely, some different paint! 

The lesson to this powder room project might go something like, Don't start something if you're not going to finish it. Well, I'm finishing it. No one said anything about finishing in the same calender year. 

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  1. Update: that whole "finishing" idea was a delusion. After an hour and a half, plus 20 minutes contributed by Brad, I did ONE FOURTH of what remained. Needless, to say, I was just a tad overly optimistic.