Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're Having a B-to-the-O-Y!

And he wouldn't sit still so the whole process took an hour and 45 minutes (!) and then the radiologist wanted to see some things for himself b/c this kid was being ob-sti-nate and giving the sonographer a hard time but then the doc said everything looks good and to keep doing what I've been doing!

Oh and he weighs 10 ounces :). (Which is just silly cute.) And he let us know within the first ten minutes that he was a little boy, haha. 

Plus he's like as low in my abdomen as could possibly be, thus making things even more difficult. My back was killing me the whole time and she was pressing and jabbing and poking to try to get a look at him and I was like barely holding back a yowl. I'm pretty much sensing he does things his own way - like his mom :). 

Oh, plus he kept opening up and closing his mouth, and right at the end of the ultrasound he yawned! It was nuts! (I was pretty worn out by that point, too, so I don't blame him.) 

Any day now I should start feeling all that crazy movement . . . and even a somersault or two - the sonographer saw him do one!


  1. A boy! Now that’s wonderful news. Are they able to do one of those 3D pictures for you? Ask about that next time around. Those are totally cool!! Enjoy sleeping the way you want right now. Once Brad Jr. (you’re naming the boy after his daddy, right?) is a little more developed, he’ll start telling you how you should sleep. Things like jabbing you in the ribs, in a kidney(s), or lower back—all at three am. O what great fun awaits you!