Friday, October 7, 2011

Soreness? No. No way

The nature of "being in shape" has now, officially, alluded me. Please somebody explain it. 

Let me relate my tale: this morning I wake up, flex my ankle, and ow, it appears that my calf, and wait, yes, my other calf as well, is sore. No big deal, except I cannot for the life of me fathom how this has happened as I have done virtually nothing for the past, oh, 14 days. 

The only conceivable cause - the only exertion I expended yesterday - is the 3 flights of stairs I walked up in the parking garage (3, not 30) and the hill I climbed from Subway up to campus. Wearing shoes I always wear, at a not-that-fast pace. This is like .2 on a 1 to 10 scale of stuff-that-makes-your-calves-hurt. 

Is it possible that after spending 4 months running/walking/Zumba-ing, a person (me) can take a 2-week not-feeling-well hiatus and end up with sore calves from this baloney above? Either I don't understand how the body works or how exercise changes (and doesn't change the body) or both or something. 

Am I just supposed to assume that it takes 4 months to get into shape and 2 weeks to get out of it?! Please tell me this is not so. Two weeks is not a long time at all. Goodness, it's like an extended vacation. (Except if you get to go on an extended vacation, I hope you don't feel as cruddy as I've been feeling.)


  1. Random, but how is your potassium intake? I am pretty sure that low potassium can cause a charlie horse/ sore muscle situation.

  2. No pain, no gain. You’ve heard this before, right? I recently started running again. And this after nearly 15 years! But surprisingly, my ol’ body remembers that far back. Just for the first week, my body ached. Don’t worry, it’ll pass.

    Now get your little petunia back in gear and start running again. And stop whining....that’s so girly.